The factors that constitute the basis of our quality policy as Meridyen;


To provide a more effective promotion of the Turkish industrialists and their products in more countries, in the right markets, at the right fairs, to increase our exports, by integrating the great power created by our local entrepreneur, the strategic potentials of our country with the strategic advantages,
Becoming an organization provides service at every level and extensity thanks to our experience, strong staff, consistent customer relations, ample opportunities, ability to realize dinamic organizations and assertive identity,
Creating an effective branding in the international fair sector, being a counselling authority and increasing  our competitive capacity,
Focussing on meeting the expectations and needs of the parties we are in contact, our clients, staff, the public institutions we are affiliated and our partners, approaching the relations not based on a self-interest/benefit, but on a mutual basis,
Being aware of that qualified structure and productivity of our team are one of the basic principles of our organization; perpetuating training and development activities which contribute the improvement of our staff,
Being the pioneer in the development of the sector and evolving the sectoral standards,
Defending business ethics and contributing a culture to be formed in this direction,
Keeping abreast of latest scientific and technologic developments, orientating accordingly,
Being strong and consistent and selecting the stability as the baseline.