1.STAND SERVICE The participant has two alternatives for the booth design. a) Raw Space: This option is for the exhibitor who prefers designing their own stand. The needed area gets drawn and is given the company decorator. The unit price per square meter differs for each fair. b) Standard Stand Construction: The participant is able to get the stand as large as desired. Till the date stated the exhibitor let Meridyen Fair know about what they ask for as extra materials apart from the ones, included in Standard Stand price like table, chair, spotlight, carpet, waste bin, stand cleaning, choosing through the extra material list they are sent. Standard Stand Construction Fee excludes ‘Extra Materials’. Stand design takes shapes in consequence of the joint efforts of Meridyen Fair and the exhibitor. After the stand gets drawn and ready as per exhibitor’s request; is submitted the company executives’ approval. The stand design taken its final form is delivered to the fair centre. Fascia name is required to comply with the standards determined by the fair centre. 2.STATE SUPPORT SERVICEMeridyen notifies the necessary documents and other details about the state support of the participant firm to all exhibitors 30 days before the start date of the fair. Following the expiry date of the fair, Meridyen follows and concludes the applications of all participants by adding the documents which they have prepared and sent before. 3.ADVERTISEMENT AND PROMOTION SERVICE In case the participants or the interested companies demand, Meridyen Fair notifies the companies of the alternative advertising media (banner-billboard- advertising in the playfields) conducted in the countries held fairs by means of the project team. Meridyen Fair assists the companies would like to reach their potential customers out via above-mentioned overseas advertising campaigns, provides service in order that the companies to get in touch with the right contacts.